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Dr. William Gáspár


Festivities, Legends, Spells and Judgment


 Sacred Cosmic Marriage. 

Chapter 5.


   Similar to other cultures, the Egyptians did not lack in festivities. There were occasions to celebrate the Harvest, the Union of the Two Lands, the Union with the Sun’s Disc, and the Divine Birth of the Goddess’s Child, the New Year and others.


   The celebration of the “Sacred Cosmic Marriage’ was held at Edfu and it lasted fifteen days. Two weeks before the New Moon, the celebrations began in the town of Dendera, the headquarters of goddess Hathor. The third month of summer at New Moon the festivities began to shift to the Nile and the Goddess was placed into a boat to be transported upstream toward the south. The lovemaking and drunken singing and music lasted from New Moon until the Full Moon of that same month. In a fashion probably not dissimilar to a Brazilian fiesta, the Greek Bacchus, god of wine celebrations, or the Mardi Gras of New Orleans - Hathor, the beautiful goddess of fertility and sexuality was shipped to Edfu, to the hometown of Horus, where his temple was located. There, the two, a god and a goddess spent two weeks together in ‘meri’-making. This Egyptian and Babylonian ’meri/mari’ word means ‘love or making love’, i.e. cosmic sex, thus the name Mari-A(H) is likely derived from cosmic sex act.


   The Male God was clearly represented on the walls of the Pyramids with nakedness and an obvious phallic symbol. It was not done for the pornographic ‘shock value’ or to represent the ‘fertility’ of a coming harvest. It was representative of that single day event, which changed the lives of billions of people almost 12,000years ago. That one gigantic ‘male eruption’ destroyed civilizations in a blink of an eye, and probably earned a ‘male’ designation to the genderless Creator Spirit.





         FIGURE 5-1. Isis Stands Behind A Male God.

                               (Picture taken by Szekely)


   Another related festival was held at the Temple of Luxor or at Medinet Habu. It was designated the Feast of Opet. Possibly, the ‘feast of opening’ was related to the opening of the mouth of the Crocodile (Dragon), but by inference also the opening up the New Age.  According to Lesko, there were food offerings of 11,341 loaves of bread and 385 jugs of beer. Together it amounted to 11,726 pieces of food offerings. These odd numbers may represent the 11,500 – 12,000years between the time periods of major disasters.


   The temple calendar of Medinet Habu listed a few other feasts, which were held there locally. These were the Feast of the Valley, the Feast of Amun, and the Feast of Lifting Up the Sky. This last feast reminds me either the ‘cosmic boar’ or a return of the sky to its previous position after the initial displacement. 


   Another major celebration, which lasted twenty days, was the Feast of Coronation. This was marked in the twenty-second year of the reign of the king. May be relating to this was a celebration of the thirtieth year of the reign of the pharaoh Amun-hotep. This gave an opportunity to the ruler to officially declare himself transformed into a cosmic deity, the sun disk itself. Interestingly, in the last eight years of his reign – from 22 to 30 - he is depicted much younger, as if he was reborn. By today’s calendar supposedly the 30 would fall on 2013 and thus, the 22 would be 2006. The reason why I am assuming that is because the Egyptian showed eight gods leading up to the Judgment Hall of Osiris. Those eight gods seem to line up with the two Venus Transits of 12,000years ago, but by today’s counting it would be 2006-2013.  

Although, it is difficult to determine with any amount of accuracy what different cultures understood as the first year of those turbulent changing times.  


   The Sunspot eruption seemed to be a few years after the first Venus Transit. This was eight years prior to Noah’s Flood and the Flood itself happened a year or two after the second Venus Transit. Although, nobody seems to be worried about those events repeating themselves today, interestingly the Sun is acting up in the last 2years. November 4th 2003 brought us an X-28 solar flare, which if it would have been Earth directed could have been a devastating event to our current civilization. But fortunately it blew 180degrees away from the globe.  The second largest sunspot eruption happened days before that in the last week of October 2003. This initial eruption was an X-17. This was matched again just recently on the 7th of September 2005. 


   Are we getting ready for the ‘Big One’ in the coming few months or years?


   Should we trust the ancient Egyptian pictures along with a Mayan Calendar to estimate when the next one will hit or should we simply trust our scientists? Unfortunately, I feel that the calendar is more accurate. The scientists who I contacted kept arguing with me that 2003-2008 is not a solar maximum, thus we don’t have to worry about a sunspot eruption. Then November 2003 the NASA scientists were on the edge of their seats, because they did not understand how a large eruption could have happened. The solar wind speed increased from an average about 250mile/sec to over a 1,000mile/sec. The instruments were only calibrated to a maximum of 1,000. Thus, it has actually even passed that 1,000 mark. And that was from an eruption of the overheating Sun, which shot to the opposite direction of the Earth. What if one of these days it will hit the Earth as it had done it before. Will the eight-minute warning be enough?


   Increasingly more scientists jump on the bandwagon of stating that our air pollution is responsible for the observed global warming. They are wrong! The Sun would not overheat from the pollution we put into our atmosphere. The Sun is too huge and too far from us to expect it to overheat from our tiny earth’s atmospheric pollution.  If there were no human activity on Earth, if there were no industry what so ever, the cosmic Mayan Calendar would still be accurate and it would foretell when the Earth’s axis marches in front of the Galactic Center. Polluting our air is wrong for several different reasons. We do pump a lot of CO2 into our atmosphere. So much, that we have passed the upper limits by 40%, but strangely the earth’s axes have not shifted, because it does the shifting on a very punctual cosmic calendar. According to John Major Jenkins, the alignment with the Galactic Center happens between 2006-2014. Those years would befit the time frame of the Tribulation.


   Since I am using biblical terms here, might as well let me say this also. The prophetic Book of Revelation in the Bible does not say the End Days will come when industry pollutes too much, rather it is using warnings about the ‘two olive trees, which have power over heaven to shut down when the fiery dragon comes’. Those words hide an astronomical and calendar event and no feeble human activity will alter the cosmic events. 



        FIGURE 5-2A. Opener Of Roads

        (Modified from IHH by Schumann-Antelme & Rossini)


   The opening of the road to the ‘End Days’ began with the first Venus Transit, thus the Bull Horns are shown. The fiery Sunspot eruption happened in the third month of the Egyptian summer at early harvest, when Sirius the Dog Star was highest in the sky.


   The Canine God became associated with that particular ‘dog heat of the summer’.  The ‘three scales’ are the three back and forth movements of the ‘drunk earth’ between the two fighting brothers Mithra and Orion. But one can think of it as the mythological ‘three skips of the antelope’ or one can even picture the Pueblo Indians’ ‘Sacred Bear’ with the three waves of the arrow running through the inside of its body. The scale itself is carefully designed to show the ‘male’ pyramid in the middle of the two upside down pyramids representing the ‘two females’ of the Venus Transit pair. Two blocks or ‘two half cycles’ are enclosed in this same drawing. The design of a simple genius if one understands the intended cosmic astronomical message.  


   Giorgio De Santillana and Hertha Von Dechend in their classic on Comparative Mythology from 1969 titled “Hamlet’s Mill’ tie Horus to the Opener of the Way:

           “ … when Geb / Kronos declared Horus the eldest, cutting

             out Seth / Typhon completely, as reported in the Shabaka

             Inscription. Actually Geb claims Horus to be Upuaut,

             the Opener of the Way – Upuaut being the Upper

             Egyptian Jackal or Wolf.”     (Author’s heavyset) 


   Therefore, the birth of the divine Child is tied to the opening of the gates of heaven and the calendar of the Dog Star, Sirius. It makes me smile whenever I hear the theory of a meteor impact as the culprit for the end days. Childish misinterpretation. Sure, I understand that it is easier to publicize a ‘big rock hitting earth’ as it is brutally more visual. It is also more physical, thus even a simple mind can imagine that. The false belief is that ‘God only throws a stone’. In actuality, the force that arrives from the Black Hole to the Sun and subsequently to Earth is an unseen electro-magnetic super-wave. It will cause a great ‘illumination’ from the Sun when his ‘son’ is born. That ancient depiction of a fiery star-like phenomenon with a smoky tail approaching Earth was about an enormous solar flare rather than a random meteor.  


   The meteor idea is so innocently ‘Hollywood’. If you noticed even in the wildest sci-fi movies, the last battle that decides between good and evil - the last fight of the main characters - always have to rely on something as rudimentary and barbaric as their fists. Or who can run faster. Technology rarely enters the scene in those crucial last moments when the story decides between the winners. Well, that is how most of our scientists publicize the earth change scenarios. Not much finesse, rather a lot of caveman age ‘stone throwing and meteor flinging’. Basic, brutal, but it is visually much more rewarding. The unseen electromagnetic forces radiating or erupting from the Galactic Center and all of a sudden causing the Sun to rapture out of nowhere is a technically much more difficult concept to sell to the public. The rigidly meticulous science is much less equipped than mythology to foretell an event, which tends to happen out of its season and disruptive to the idyllic harmony of cyclically predictable Nature.


   Returning back to Egyptian festivities, a figure of Hathor was ceremonially carried to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess in Dendera at the change of seasons. The priests piously walked to the top of the temple with the sacred bust of the goddess to expose her to the rays of the sun. This they did to mimic the unification of the goddess to the Sun disc. An engagement ceremony before the true sacred cosmic marriage would take place between the Sun and the Goddess. Isis role as the married goddess was tied to the Sun and cosmic laws. According to Professor Lesko, charms were made to honor Isis, which promised that it would help make a woman love a man as much as Isis loved Osiris. Well, who ever made the charm must had not been aware of the burning cosmic fire and destruction, which accompanied that kind of celestial love. It was certainly a sizzling cosmic romance that most of us would love to live without.


   The same kind of charm was employed if the man was after a married woman. If she would be already married then she would hate her husband as much as Isis hated Seth. The knot of Isis was usually made out of red jasper, which would symbolize the blood of Isis. The amulet was sent with the mummies to the afterlife to gain protection from evil harm.




       FIGURE 5-2B: The Isis Knot can mean Life or Cosmic Sex


   Then according to The Egyptian Book of the Dead by E.A, Wallis Budge recorded down in the Paris Papyrus - Osiris is glorified in the following manner.

             “(Osiris) …you are established as the Bull of the West,

              your son Horus is crowned on your throne, all life is

              with him. Your son, to him are given millions of years,

              the fear of him is for millions of years; fear him as the

              cycle of the gods.”  


   Another spell in The Papyrus of Ani is instructing the reader through the transformation into a divine hawk.


             “Chapter of making the transformation into a divine

               hawk. Osiris Ani said; ‘Hail mighty one, come then to

               Tattu (the two pillars). Arrange for me the ways, make

               me go around my thrones. May I renew myself, may I

               become strong. O grant me your fearfulness, create for

               me your terror. May the gods of the underworld fear me

               in their habitation they are for me. Let not the One come

               near me that would do harm to me, may I walk through

               the house of darkness’ .”  


   An interesting function of the goddess Isis was her search to

reveal the divine name of her father, the sun king Ra. According to legend, the old king Ra was having a walk one night and because he was so aged and senile he was drooling bad from his mouth. The saliva from this drooling fell on the earth. Isis went and scooped it up and mixed it with earth and fashioned a snake out of the resulting mud.  The snake then bit the old king Ra – I should add at this point that it was very similar to the way the Greek hero Hercules got bit by the astronomical ‘Cancer’.  Ra, the old sun king begged his daughter to use her magic to get relief from the misery of the snakebite, but Isis remained stern. She would only attempt to use her magic for his benefit if Ra would reveal his secret name to her.


   Finally, Ra could not stand the agony of pain and revealed his secret name to her. From that moment on Isis obtained enormous powers from knowing the name of the sun king Ra. This ‘name’ is unknown because it is the ‘resonation’, which comes out of the mouth of god and causes some major earth changes.  That is why ‘knowing the secret name of god’ or knowing ‘the lost word’ gives extraordinary power to the sages. Listen, I will tell you the two main secrets: - 1. Unimaginable destructive Earth changes come regularly every 12,000years, regardless whether we are good or bad. 2.The well-awaited Purifier Savior Prince is the Fire and the Destroyer! (No sinners left after He cleans house!)


            “ … lord Bhava … replied with a sorrowful heart, …

            What will be comes to be, and no one can prevent it;

            what has been, has been. Now, immortals, listen to the

            matter at hand:  who will now take my seed, the semen

            of Siva, that has been shed?…Then having cursed Visnu

            and all the gods, the empress of everything spoke in

            fury to the Purifier, who had eaten the seed of Siva:

            Fire, you will be omnivorous, constantly tortured in your

            soul.“    (Author’s heavyset)  (Hindu Myths, pg. 164)


   On Figure 5-3 the Judgment Hall shows the main god seated on the right side. The Dog/Jackal is at the Scale. The head of the goddess Ma’at, who stands for ‘Truth’, is at the center of the Scale.  There are seven seated gods on top above the scale bearing ankhs on their knees, likely standing for the seven years of famine, which happened in between the Two Venus Transits. 

The next seven gods are the seven years of bounty leading up to

 the seven years of famine. Thus, the story of the Pharaoh’s dream with the seven fat cows and the seven skinny cows in the Genesis of the Bible must have originated from this and similar Egyptian hieroglyphic pictures. The two goddesses behind the Pharaoh are the two Venuses and also stand for the concept of the ‘two kingdoms’ of the Core/Magnetic North and Polar North.



        FIGURE 5-3. The Judgment Hall of the Dead

                             (Modified from Erik Hornung’s The Ancient

                              Egyptian Book of the Afterlife) 


   The ‘throne’ contains within it the square foundation stone, which stands for the core of the Earth. The ‘Hawk King’ represents ‘Vega’ the ‘Swooping Hawk/Swooping Eagle’ The ‘Ibis/Stork’ Thoth is the Scribe who also delivers the Child. In a style of Chucky, a Hollywood horror story, the birth of the Child causes the death of most everybody else. This whole morally interpreted and insane appearing Judgment scene can make perfect sense if the cosmology is known. No, the Egyptians originally were not animal worshippers as we wrongly assumed, but rather they established a cosmic science using animal symbols, which only had meaning to the initiates of the sacred Ra Priesthood. This knowledge reached us in a less decipherable way in the form of the written words of the Holy Bible.


   The falcon or hawk-headed god, the king or the prince who will rule the Earth with the sword or a rod of iron, the wolf or dog, the two brothers commonly appear in the mythologies of different nations and on the pages of most sacred books. Since we discussed the Latino and the Hungarian cultures along side the biblical stories let us see what is stated in their Creation legends.   It was Romulus and Remus, the two Latino brothers who founded Rome and by that established the Great Roman Empire that was so instrumental in the formation of civilized European laws and nations. As babies, Romulus and Remus were saved from starvation and lovingly fed by a Mother Wolf. Is this a reference to Sirius and the two brothers as Mithra and Orion?


   In Hindu mythology we find Mitra and Varuna (Orion) as the two brothers. Besides the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, it is the Hindu tale that preserves the obviously cosmic origin of their battle.


   In Egypt there is also a tale of the two brothers. Their names are Anpu and Bata. In the book titled ‘Egyptian Tales’ by W.M. Flinders Petrie in a recent Dover Publications collection we learn the following about the brothers in shortened version of a free translation:


   “The older brother name was Anpu and the younger was Bata. Anpu had a house and a pretty wife. He loved his good hearted younger brother as if he was his own son. Bata was an excellent worker who ploughed the land with his brother’s oxen. (Here we can find the two Egyptian brothers closely tied to Taurus and the Compass in the form of the ‘oxen’ and the ‘plow’ -Author). Bata was a good brother because the spirit of god resided in him. After a long day at work on the field he brought the harvest to his older brother and he went to the stable and slept alongside the cattle. They had fertile farmland that produced them everything they desired.


   Life progressed well amongst those three until the wife of Anpu, the older brother laid eyes on the youthful beauty of Bata. She suggested to him that they make love while her husband is away. Bata was innocent and righteous, thus this kind of talk made him mad. Bata told his brother’s wife that he thought of her as his mother. He also warned her not to again try to talk to him about any wicked ideas. When the older brother came home, the wife – being afraid that Bata will tell on her – presented herself with self-inflicted bruises on her face that she blamed on the abuse of the younger brother. She weepingly told her husband that Bata suggested to her to have a romantic relationship. Now, hearing these evil words the elder brother became as a panther of the south and hid himself in the barn waiting for his younger brother to arrive home from the fields with the cows. He was determined to kill Bata for his wicked thoughts. As Bata herded the cattle inside the barn he heard the first cow warning him about the older brother who stood behind the barn door with a large knife in his hand. Bata looked under the door and seen the feet of his older brother waiting there for him with the knife in his hand. Bata threw his load down the ground and started running away from the barn. His elder brother followed him in a close pursue. At this point the younger brother cried out to Ra Harakhti, the Sun God: -

            “My good Lord! Thou art he who divides the evil from

             the good.” And Ra stood and heard all his cry; and Ra

             made a wide water between him and his elder brother,

             (dividing the Red Sea –author) and it was full of

             crocodiles (the role of the Dragon - author) and the one

             brother was on one bank, and the other on the other bank;

             and the elder brother smote twice on his hands at not

             slaying him. Thus did he. And the younger brother called

             to the elder on the bank, saying;

             ‘Stand still until the dawn of the day; and then Ra ariseth,

             I shall judge with thee before Him, and He discerneth

             between the good and the evil. (Judgment comes by the

             rising Sun at dawn –author)  For I shall not be with thee

             any more for ever; I shall not be in the place in which

             thou art; I shall go to the valley of the acacia’ (that is the

             ‘perfect valley’ between the two trees or as in the birth

             canal of the ‘cosmic womb’ – author) … Then the youth

             took a knife, and cut off his flesh, and cast it into the

             water, and the fish swallowed it. (blood sacrifice by a

             knife at the water where the ‘fish’ / Orion lives - author) 

            … Now many days after these things, the younger brother

            was in the valley of the acacia; there was none with him;

            he spent his time in hunting the beasts of the desert, …

            and he met the Nine Gods  … and they said unto him,

            ‘Ho! Bata, bull of the Nine Gods, art thou remaining

             alone? … And Ra Harakhti said to Khnumu, ‘Behold,

             frame thou a woman for Bata, that he may not remain

             alive alone’. … The essence of every god was in her.

             The seven Hathors came to see her; they said with one

              Mouth, ‘She will die a sharp death.’


   The story goes on. Needless to say that in this mythological tale we can again discover the crocodile , the river bank with a schism that is like the ‘Red Sea’ along with ‘two brothers’ who fight against each other. We can see that the Sun and the seven goddesses (Hathors, the harlots – first goddess of the Venus Transit pair followed by the Seven Years of Famine) play a significant part in this cosmic tragedy. Elements of some of the biblical stories also clearly shine through. The ‘valley of the acacia’ is the same cosmic birthplace that is occupied by the ‘crocodile’. It is the perfect valley that sits in between the Magnetic North and the Polar North that is thought by some as the sacred birth canal. 


   There is not a mention of a ‘hawk’ per se, but we know that Ra or Ra-Harakhti is depicted as the falcon headed or the hawk headed god with the Sun on top surrounded by a serpent. The story repeats the basic elements of earth change scenario.


   Not only the Egyptian main gods were tied to these magnificent birds of prey, but both the Roman and Greek main gods were closely associated with the Eagle, which carried through into most European and American cultures. To this day these birds are kept in high regards as a messenger of the gods by the original Native Americans and the newly arrived Europeans.


   Attila the Hun - who is considered the founding father of Hun-gary by the Hungarians - was the ruler who was given the ‘Sword of God’. Similarly, the English legends mention King Arthur as the favorite of god, who is able to pull the ‘sword’ out of the ‘rock’ as a prerequisite for divine ruling over a nation. Except, the rock is the ‘core’ of the Earth and the ‘rod of iron’ or the magic ‘sword’ can be thought of as the imaginary iron rod sticking out from the core toward the Magnetic North. When the sword is pulled out of the core-rock of the earth, then it can roll and have the axis shift and thereby, start the rulership of the new Prince.  Only the gods can grant these sort of ultimate magic cosmic powers. Attila, the ‘Scourge of God’ died at the age of about 50. This happened on the night he married his fifth wife a blond German Princess, who apparently poisoned him on the wedding night. He was buried in three coffins that were placed one into the other. The inner coffin was made of iron, the middle one was silver and the outer coffin was made out of gold. These are commonly mentioned metals in the biblical and mythological tales and these may be references to the Earth’s core, the New Moon and the Sun as a reminder of that ancient cosmic tragedy, which destroyed the Earth nearly 12,000years ago. Attila was not only 50 years of age, but also there were 50 people who carried him to his last voyage. It was a numerical reminder for the Jubilee. After he was buried under the river Tisza in south central Hungary – that required a new path for the river to be made for a detour – then the water of the river was let back over Attila’s coffin to forever hide that secret place. (Unless there was never a secret place, but only an astronomical legend for reminders!)


   The fifty people who buried Attila were slain on their return to the camp by fifty bowyers to keep the place a secret for eternity for everybody involved. The twice fifty may well refer to the ‘hundred’ league and the 100 Venus Transit pairs or even adding the sacred couple to the fifty and coming up with 52 - may be the 52year length of merging the Lunar and Solar calendar cycles and with the 104 adding Venus to it. 


   The main legend of the Hungarians that seems to be tied to their need find a permanent homeland in the 8th Century Europe is the Legend of Emese (pronounced Emeshe). Here I would like to interject that the ‘crocodile’ hieroglyphic symbol is spelled ‘meseh’. The Hungarian word for ‘bedtime story’ is ‘mese’. Although the origin of the name ‘Emese’, is thought to be derived from the word ‘emo’, meaning something like ‘breast or teats’. This ‘breasted’ ancient Queen of the Hungarians, who at that time resided in the land of the Khazars - in present day Ukraine - was praying to God to find a permanent country for the nomadic Hungarians. When she fell asleep one night she dreamt that a ‘Hawk’ flew above in the sky and impregnated her with an embryo of a male child who would be the country-founding king of the Hungarians. Emese - told by the ‘divine hawk’ – knew that the son would be the founder of the country of the Hungarians, but He would never be allowed to actually see the new land. (That is the Old King / Sun has to die first before the axis shift occurs. – author). Queen Emese named her son ‘Almos’ (very close to the biblical Amos), which meant the one who was ‘dreamt’ or simply the ‘sleepy one’.. When King Almos became old and wise he ordered his soldiers to explore the rich land of Hungary as a possible new territory for their country.    Seven tribes met at the eastern out skirts of the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania and made a ‘blood’ pact. They cut the veins on their wrists and poured the blood into a grail, mixed it and all of them drank from it, thereby becoming ‘blood brothers’.


   Each of the tribal leaders swore allegiance to Almos who was the head of the leading Magyar tribe, noble remnants of an ancient Priesthood. Almos, the King asked the rest of them to sacrifice Him before the new land is reached to assure that the prophecy of the Hawk in Emese’s dream is full-filled. He elevated his son, Arpad to be the leader of the Magyar tribe and made the other tribal leaders swear that until the Hungarian-Magyar people existed, the country leaders would be chosen from the off-springs of the Arpad family of the noble leading Magyar tribe. (the name Arpad is also found in the Bible). This blood sealed pact was agreed around 895 AD and as history tells us all the kings of Hungary were elected from the House of Arpad until the lineage died out by the year 1301.  Now, back to the task of King Almos who needed to find a new land for his people whose faith was decided by the sacred hawk. Therefore, after careful military preparation - the Hungarian troops in 896 A.D. swarmed into the Carpathian basin through a narrow mountain pass. Reportedly, a ‘hawk’ was flying above them ahead to show the way to the Hungarians through the pass. Speeding up the journey the hawk was credited with saving most of them from a certain slaughter from the enemy that was following them closely behind.


   This is how the Hungarian legends preserved the cosmic sacredness of the hawk for our generation.


   This was in essence similar to Egyptian and even Native American legends as far as the seven tribes and the hawk is concerned. Also, the ritual of sacrificing the old king (sun) so the new prince king (sunspot) can lead us into the ‘new land’ (axis shift) is also a familiar mythological theme. The name Amos and Arpad are both found in the Bible and furthermore the ‘two brothers’ Hunor and Magor who chased the Golden Elk and founded the Hungarian nation with fifty warriors, were the favorite sons of Nimrod (Orion) the legendary biblical hunter.


   Now, since we are on the subject of Hungarian legends, let me share one with you that is somewhat more personal, but it is also mysterious for a number of reasons. The legend goes as follows:

           “In the year of 997 AD the nomadic pagan Hungarians - who already resided in Hungary for over one hundred years - were surrounded by civilized European Christian nations. They had no choice, but to slowly give in to the increasing demands of the neighbors who called for the Christianizing of the barbarian herds of the Nature loving pagans. The leading ruler of the pagans, named Koppany opposed the young Christian Stephen (who later became St. Stephen for his effort of very effectively converting the Hungarians to the Catholic Christian faith). Even Attila, the Hun was promised a ‘holy crown’ by the Pope around 450 AD when He spared Rome after He talked to His Holiness at the city gates. In the late 990’s when the wise old king Geza – Stephen father’s - died the ancient pagan laws called for his brother Koppany to inherit the throne by marrying Geza’s widow.  The pagan Koppany already had four wives and that did not fit well with Geza’s widowed wife who believed in the new morals.  German priests in the art of the Christian moral values educated the widow queen, along with her son Stephen. A war erupted amongst the largely pagan Hungarians against the smaller Christian fraction who were supported by the invading German army. With the help of the Germans, the Christian Hungarians won and the body of the pagan Koppany was cut into four pieces and each part was displayed in the four corners of the country. There was only one more prominent druid priest who was still standing in the way of Christianizing the rest of the Hungarian pagans. His name was Bal Aton (Baal Aton?). The name likely sound familiar to a number of you as the largest fresh water lake of Europe that is in Hungary is still named after this pagan druid priest Bal Aton.  This is known as Lake Balaton. Before I start into this personally important story, let me remind you that according to the biblical tales, the ‘heathen’ believers in the Holy Bible prayed to a god named Baal.


   The druid pagan priest first name was Aton, that is not only the famous name of the Egyptian God Aton, but it is also the origin for the name of the Hebrew Adon and the Greek Adonis. These are not coincidences! 


   Now, the advancing Christian troops reached the Northeastern bank of Lake Balaton in 997 AD, where the last stand of this pagan priest was positioned on top of a volcanic mountain. The Christian soldiers caught up with the druid priest and his faith was sealed. With his last breath the pagan priest cursed the pious Hungarians that they should not have nature-based spirituality for exactly a thousand year to come.


   Now, I heard this ancient legend from Zoltan Nagy Solyomfi (nicknamed ‘Hawk’). He was one of the two Hungarian Sun Dancers participating in a sacred Lakota Sioux Indian ceremony in South Park, Colorado. There were the four of us participating, two guys from Hungary and my wife and I. The year was 1996, exactly 1,000years after the curse was issued. All four of us were convinced that our participation in the sacred Native American Sundance ritual broke the thousand-year old curse of the druid priest, Bal Aton. I do not know whether the curse actually had to do with anyone of us, but one thing I know. The next summer I ‘sundanced’ again and in a break I proceeded to the Sun Dance Tree and I prayed there to God. I told the Almighty that I was ready to receive some wisdom if He wanted to share some with me His undeserving subject. The next six months was magical and I learned a lot. Within a year I had my book ‘The Celestial Clock’ completed. This, I achieved after working my ten hour workdays as a primary care doctor with a family and my spiritual growth to attend to. I honestly felt that the knowledge for my book was spiritually inspired. Four years later Zoltan ‘Hawk’ led the first Sun Dance on Hungarian soil. The curse of the pagan medicine man Aton was now completely lifted.


   My initial encounter with Zoltan ‘Hawk’ happened in 1995 when my family visited Hungary. We were guests at the ‘Indian’ Camp. About two hundred Hungarians spent two weeks in the mountains of Bakony in loincloths pretending to be Native American Indians. Strict rules kept the experience authentically native. Then ‘Hawk’ heard that I was visiting from the States, thus he came over to introduce himself to us in the Lakota camp. We played our parts honorably as Native American warriors of differing tribes. Was it a co-incidence or spiritual design?


   It is difficult to know whether there is any spiritual basis or karma to the actions we choose in our current life. For years I struggled with the fact that may be I should consider a past life regression seminar. I was weary of the fact that may be my over acting mind would generate scenarios that my truth seeking spiritual soul would not accept as facts. Finally, through some sequence of coincidences my wife and I ended up in one of those ‘past life regression’ seminars given by A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce spiritual organization. Without comparing notes, both my wife and I ended up re-living a previous existence in the early 1500’s. I was a Spanish nobleman, such as Cortez, ready to ship out to the Americas. My wife lived a life of a Medicine woman who was killed by the religious zealots of the Inquisition. Apparently, we were positioned on opposite isles of the spiritual-religious fence. May be it was our over active imagination, but regardless it would explain to me our love for the Lakota Native American  Spirituality and our choice to move to a predominantly Hispanic community. The Hispanics in our area originate from Spain. They arrived a few hundred years ago as part of the Castilian immigrants displaced by the bulging forces of the Spanish Inquisition. I am still not certain that the lessons of past lives play a role in our current decisions, but it is a worthy endeavor to consider in our spiritual growths.


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